Sniff Dog Hotel

From little oops to bigger issues, Sniff training is here. It not only works your pups mental and physical well being, it's a great way to develop and deepen the bond with your dog.


Sniff Nursery School is designed for puppies ages 8-20 weeks in a safe and private setting. They’ll learn from a team of experienced trainers using positive reinforcement methods. We’ll tackle appropriate play behavior with big and small pups, bite inhibition, potty training, leash manners, impulse control, crate training, separation confidence, and basic skills. 

Vaccination requirements: For the safety of all pups, they must receive 1st round of DHPP and Bordetella 7 days prior to class. For the safety of all puppies in the class, they cannot attend public dog parks while enrolled in Nursery School. 

$80 per day or 10 day package for $750


Our trainer will work one-on-one with your pup during their stay at Sniff. We can work on a variety of behavioral concerns, from basic manners to complicated problems. We'll devise a plan that's suited just for you. Every training session includes a progress update detailing the behaviors worked on as well as advice on how to continue training at home.

$75 per hour or 5 day package for $350


Private lessons with you and your dog are a great way to build a stronger bond while working on training issues. These tailor-made sessions can be held at Sniff or at your home. In home lessons give us the flexibility to address issues that may only arise inside the home. Every lesson includes a follow up email or phone call.

$85 per hour at Sniff or 5 day package for $400

$95 per hour at your home or 5 day package for $450

TRAIL HIKE (NW location only)

This adventure is great for pups that love the outdoors. Our trainer will take your pup for a designated hike in Forest Park with an extra long leash to allow freedom to explore. We will practice attention and recall. This is a great combination of training, physical exercise and mental stimulation.  

$65 for one hour



These training sessions are effective and add a ton of mental/physical activity to your dog's visit at Sniff.


This training session will focus on the basics. Choose one from: (sit down and stand) stay, polite greetings, leave it, come when called and go to bed. This could also be an opportunity to work on some other common concerns you might have. $40


Social skills are a big part of being a well-adjusted pup. Our trainer will help your dog facilitate successful and positive interactions with other dogs in a group setting. This is an invaluable service for those looking into our daycare options. $40


Agility is like the cross-fit of dog exercise. We'll teach your dog how to navigate a variety of obstacles such as tunnels, weave polls, jumps, stands and hoops. As your dog gains confidence, we'll help them fine tune their execution, chain together multiple obstacles, and improve time. $40

Want to learn more? Click on the location below to contact one of our trainers.

REID NEUMAN - Head Trainer | CPDT-KA

Reid was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He grew up with dogs, cats, and a bird named Buddy. He has over seven years of experience training dogs and their people. At Sniff he's introduced positive reinforcement techniques for managing group play, and taken a role in creating policies for both our daycare and hotel guests. In 2013, he earned the Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed certification.


Angie grew up in a coastal town in Maine with dogs, horses, and even a pet cow. Over the past 10 years she has become a valued trainer in our community, even ranking in Spot Magazine’s Top Ten Dog Trainers. Angie worked as head trainer for Wonder Puppy for five years, and has specialized in training young puppies and their parents through puppyhood. In 2016, Angie joined the Whole Dog Academy’s board of directors.